(These details are fuzzy. If you know more or have photos, please email Aren Cambre at aren@arencambre.com.)

Pack 862 was founded in 1975 (per a t-shirt in our shed) or the mid-1980s (1986?) (per someone’s recollection). It might have been named 862 to complement Troop 861 at Central Lutheran Church.

Preceding Pack 862 was Pack 568. The boys from Pack 568 generally went to Troop 568 or Troop 861. Around 1960 or shortly afterwards, Troop 568 members desired to move their charter to St. John’s Episcopal School. A few recall the Hexter Elementary school facility being insufficient for the troop. Because St. John’s already had a charter for Pack 55, and possibly a defunct Troop 55, the council apparently had them drop the 568 number and go with 55.

For a time, Hexter also had a Pack 566 with a Mr. Goss as the Cubmaster. Someone recalls joining it as a third grader in 1960. This pack folded before the decade was up, and it never had many members.

Troop and Pack 568 were restarted in the early ’70s. A Hexter yearbook for 1972-73 shows the annual PTA program, and both a Pack and Troop 568 are mentioned as leading an “inspirational” and “flag ceremonies” at one of the monthly PTA meetings. They re-folded in the early ’70s. (Other youth organizations are also mentioned in the program, including Troop 861, YMCA Seminole Tribe, YMCA Indian Princesses, and Campfire Girls.)

In 1992, Pack 862 had one den. By 1997, it had around 60 Cub Scouts. As of 2017, Pack 862 entered the fall with 166 Cub Scouts.

In 2014, Pack 862 absorbed Pack 46 from Lakehill Preparatory School. As of 2017, Lakehill’s participation in Cub Scouts has tripled.

In 2017, Pack 862 restarted Scouting traditions at Reilly and Reinhardt Elementary Schools. Pack 707 is a young pack that served Reilly but folded; it was chartered at the nearby Elks Lodge #71. Reinhardt had no pack.

Reinhardt Elementary had a strong Scouting tradition. It had a Pack 50 and Troop 50. Both may have started in 1943, sponsored by the Reinhardt Dad’s Club. It’s unclear when both units dissolved, but the current Troop 36 at Dallas Academy may be the successor to Troop 50. (source)

At one time, there was a Troop 53 at Hexter Elementary. It was founded to be a “rough and ready” alternative to area troops, which were more into car camping. As it was chartered by Hexter Elementary School, Circle Ten Council wanted it to be Troop 862. The founders wanted a different number so that it would not be perceived as simply a place for Pack 862 boys, and they asked for a low, two-digit number. It never had many members, and it folded around 1998 due to lack of interest.

Pack 862’s Cubmasters:

  • (late ’80s) Sally Bennett
  • (?? – 1992) Susan Higgins
  • (early 1990s) David Howard (Archie Massie served as a den leader, recalls 25-30 boys)
  • (1992-1997) Gary Olp
  • (late 1990s?) David Percival (deceased)
  • (late 1990s?) Ted Hoffman
  • (early to mid 2000s) Pete Puckett
  • (late 2000s) John Lohrengel
  • (late 2000s – 2013) Scott Whitzel
  • (2013-2015) Clay Hosterman
  • (2015-) Aren Cambre