Annual Dues

Hello Pack 862 – The purpose of this page is an easier tool for the collection of pack dues.

Our Pack is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible, and cheaper than a season of rec. sports!

Annual costs to operate the program run close to $200 / scout, though dues are only $100 annually, because we participate in fundraising by selling popcorn.

If you have more questions about dues, or would like to support the pack by helping with the popcorn fundraiser, please reach out to John Mielcarek or Chinh Vu directly!

See you around the campfire!

Enter Den if you know it. If not, enter “x” Grade (ie – 1st grade; 2nd grade, etc.)
PURELY VOLUNTARY. This has been added by a request from some in leadership. Pack 862 has a history of recognizing the contributions of its volunteers by paying their registration fees. Leaders should not feel obligated to exercise this option.


When you pay dues it supports things like patches, pins and beltloops, supplies for building and launching water bottle rockets, Pinewood Derby kits and track maintenance, Raingutter Regatta boats, supplies for den meetings, scholarships for registration and activities for your Scout peers, and the registration fees of adult volunteers. A large proportion of the collected resources ($80/scout; $60/adult volunteer; and $25/new member) goes directly to the parent organization which supports us with things like insurance, infrastructure, and the four stunning Council camps we enjoy twice a year.