q Webelos Camp 2022 – Pack 862

Webelos Camp 2022

Webelos Resident Camp will be held at Camp James Ray on the south shores of beautiful Lake Texoma!

Dates: Wednesday – Saturday (June 22 – 25)

This adventure officially starts transitioning Scouts away from parent lead camping, by empowering them to participate in guided activities outside the family campout structure. Event possibilities include BMX, canoe, swimming, archery, campfires, engineering, first responder, and more! Completing these activities results in Webelos pins.

Webelos adventures are more comprehensive than the belt loops earned by younger scouts. They follow a stricter protocol intended transfer more complex topics, and emphasize practical demonstration of abilities.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend, however it is not required in order for your scout to participate.

a final note: registering for this campout through the Council – especially adult participants – will require some paperwork and discipline. Please be patient, and thank you for understanding.

This event is a GREAT TIME for the Scouts!

REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN THROUGH MID-MAY, however you should register right now because spots at this campout do sell out.

First and Last Name
Valid values are 1-24.
You can find your Scout’s BSA ID by going into Scoutbook, and clicking their name, and then “Edit Profile.” About 2/3’s of the way down the page you will see a gray box called BSA ID. If you are unable, or unwilling to find this info, you can leave the box blank. Your help is appreciated!
By signing up, you authorize the Circle Ten Council to run a background check as required by the State of Texas.
ENTER YOUR REGISTRATION FEE HERE. It is $155 per Scout minus $5 per campcard sold, Plus $95 per adult. (eg. A scout who sold 10 camp cards, and their parent would be [155-(5×10)]+95 == 105+95 = 200)