Wisdom 100, Saturday October 21, 2023

Join Pack 862 at Wisdom 100, celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouting at Camp Wisdom with games, archery, bb guns, crafts, food, and other special activities. Come see what it was like to be a Cub Scout throughout the decades at Camp Wisdom! This event is very special – once in a lifetime – and a great opportunity for Scouts to experience some of the best Scouting has to offer.

When: Saturday 10/21 from 8am to 5pm
Where: Camp Wisdom, 6400 W Red Bird Ln, Dallas, TX 75236
Meals: Lunch provided
Parking: On-camp parking will be restricted to cars with pre-purchased passes. One (1) parking pass will be purchased for every 5 participants (adults and youth) registered. Carpooling is highly encouraged. 

Activities include: life-sized board games, fishing, root beer floats, bottle bowling, slinky races, bug hunting, archery, BBs, tie dye, pet rocks, Alka Seltzer rockets, moon landing game, arm pit fudge, Pac Man maze, jump rope games, rope bridge, balloon hovercraft, and more!

First and Last of responsible adult attending with Scout.
For primary adult
For primary adult
$25 per Cub Scout
First and Last
Children 3 and under are free
First and Last
$25 per child
First and Last
$20 per adult
First and Last
Allergies etc.